Dave Mac. Ripping back in the day, and ripping still. Photo Quiksilver

Opinions on the World Title showdown from those in the know, like 2018 World Masters Champion Dave Macaulay.

SL: Dave how excited are you for this epic for the title at Pipe?

DM: Yeah, pretty pumped to see the Pipe showdown this year!

SL: While Gabriel is obviously at the shortest odds, Julian Is without doubt as good as anyone at Pipe especially under pressure as we’ve seen. Although Medina is on a roll, if he falters Jules could grab it. Are you holding out some hope for him?

DM: Medina is so good regardless of conditions but with super dangerous wildcards like Jack Robinson for example, anything can happen so there’s definitely hope for Julian and Toledo. You never know when the planets might align in your favour?

Watching Barton come from behind in ‘88 to win the world title at epic Pipe was amazing so I’m hoping Julian can pull it off too for another Aussie world title.

SL: Again, depending on Medina’s result, Filipe is probably a more outside chance than Jules at Pipe on past results but given his season and answering some criticisms in the bigger stuff he’s a bit of an unknown as to how he will go. What’s your thoughts on his chances?

DM: It would be cool to see Filipe win but we all know Medina is on a very hard to stop rampage.

SL: And outside the title race, the Pipe Masters is that trophy everybody wants on the mantelpiece. If like last year someone outside the title is to grab it who would be your picks?

DM: Of The outsiders I would like to see either Connor O’Leary or Matty Wilkinson win it!

World Master Champion 2018